Jordan Matten

I’ve always had a great interest in medicine and the human body, and I have also held a deep desire to be of service to others and improve their quality of life. My journey in medicine began as an EMT, where I worked for six years. My experience as an EMT was exceedingly valuable.  However, the culture and stress of emergency medicine were not sustainable for me. Through my own health journey with severe TMJ (Jaw dysfunction) I found massage to be immensely helpful, which was my inspiration to pursue a career in the field.
I graduated from Bearheart School of Massage and am currently specializing in Ashiatsu massage (massage performed with bare feet), traditional deep tissue massage and injury recovery and rehabilitation. My passion and greatest joy is actually resolving issues and assisting to create lasting change in one’s body.
I love all things plants! In my free time you will find me tending my numerous houseplants, working in my garden, preserving all of the bounty from my garden, or planning my garden depending on the time of year! I also love to sew and create beautiful and unique quilts. I fancy myself a homesteader and often think I would do well in simpler times.  Grateful for the slower pace as a hands-on healer.
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Jordan Matten, LMT

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