Room Rentals

Professional Wellness Room Rentals

Room rentals are available per hour or per project in 2024, however consistent, weekly rentals are unavailable.  Please check back in, in 2025.

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A Space For Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Energy Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Counselors, Psychotherapists & Wellness Professionals to Practice, Connect & Grow.


You will share a professional space with a busy group of Massage Therapists in this Conscious Wellness Center.  Compatible Professionals are a requirement.




We are centrally located in Longmont — West of Main Street, East of Hover Street in a busy, highly visible, ground level professional building named Sherman Village.

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Amenities Include:

  • Beautiful & Tranquil Professional Environment
  • On-Site Ample Parking
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • High-Speed Internet and all Utilities Included
  • Break room with Kitchenette
  • Waiting Space for Clients
  • Front Desk area for Scheduling & Checkout
  • Bimonthly Professional Cleaning Service
  • Beverage Station & Water Delivery
  • Fully Furnished Bodywork Room with Hydraulic Massage Table if Desired
  • Fully Furnished Counseling/Consulting Room with Couch and Chair if Desired.



One or two rooms are available full-time starting October 1st 2024 (and now for part-time) for the right practitioner(s).


Prices vary depending on time needed and duration of sublease contract. Rooms are approximately 12 feet by 9 feet or 108 square feet. Reference check required.  


A larger room, approximately 225 square feet may be coming in Fall of 2023 — for workshops, events, classes, couples massages and privates.




Part-Time Monthly Rentals – Ideal for:

  • Counselors, coaches or any person needing a consultation type of room with 1 couch and a chair.

  • Those who are actively building or who wish to only work part-time indefinitely

  • Those who are okay with sharing their room part-time with another practitioner or two.  

This room is available 1 to 4 days/evenings per week or possibly by the hour.

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Full-Time Monthly Rentals – Ideal for:

  • Chiropractors, Acupuncturists or any practitioner that needs one or two rooms side by side 

  • Practitioners who desire to grow into or who already have a full-time, thriving practice.

  • Practitioners who need a full-time space and who like to work with other like minded professionals in the same building. 


    Full-Time Rentals

    Fully Furnished or Unfurnished

    • $650 per month per room – ideal for a full-time practitioner who wishes to use the space 5 full days per week who may be open to sharing some of their time with another practitioner from time to time to accommodate a workshop or overflow.
    • $750 – $800 per month per room – ideal for a full-time practitioner with a full practice who needs their room 7 days a week, who likes working side by side with other like minded professionals with referral possibilities.

    Need a larger space?

    • We may have one large room, approximately 225 square feet for groups, workshops, yoga privates, etc. in the fall of 2023

    Part-Time Rentals

    Fully Furnished

    • $25 per hour – ideal for people who only need the room occasionally per month (2 – 5 hours per month)
    • $200 per month – ideal for people who need consistent and regular hours but only want 1 to 2 half days per week (approximately 10 hours per week on consistent days/evenings)
    • $400 – $650 per month – ideal for people who need consistent and regular hours 3 to 5 days/evenings per week (about 20 to 40 hours per week).

    Interested in scheduling a tour of the space and meet the business owner?

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