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Here at Self-Transformations massage, we help people get out of pain with conscious, therapeutic massage.  The benefits of massage therapy SHOULD be long lasting and effective and that is what we do here, each and every time!  This is not your entry-level, run-of-the-mill massage therapy clinic.  

Our masterful, highly-qualified & seasoned massage therapists provide real, lasting results for people who have tried other things without success.  We have decades of experience, hundreds of hours of continuing education, and specialize in a variety of different hands-on healing modalities, which we draw upon to uniquely customize your experience and achieve the results you need. 

Restoring one’s body to optimal health is a partnership between client and massage therapist.  When clients are willing to participate in their own transformation in combination with our expert massages, they will feel better, longer!  We guarantee this.   This is our promise at Self-transformations massage and we look forward to wowing you soon!


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What’s New at Self-Transformations


We want to Welcome our Newest Therapist Kara B. Imle, aka KB.
We’ve expanded to include our very own Rolfer.   Rolfing is a different type of session, Click here to learn more. 

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