Our Approach

A brilliant teacher in massage school told us, “You don’t need to work deeper to alleviate someone’s pain, you just need to find IT.  When you find your clients’ ‘IT,’ and work ‘IT,’ your clients will be satisfied. Working deeper isn’t necessary, you need to work smarter.”
At Self-Transformations Massage, we take that advice to heart!

“ Finding it ” is finding a person’s source of pain and treating it. Learning muscular anatomy and physiology (A&P) is essential for us to do this. Being adept at A&P gives us a safe container to work from because it takes the guesswork away. We know where we are on the body and how it works.

We also know that restoring one’s body to optimal performance is a partnership between client and massage therapist. What a client does between sessions is just as important, if not more so, than the therapeutic session itself.  This is why we educate our clients and give them practical ideas and body awareness education specific to their health goals.

We find the source of pain, treat it using a variety of different specialties, and we do it without stressing ourselves or our clients in the process.  The specialties we are known for are Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Injury Recovery, Visceral Manipulation,  and Craniosacral Therapy. All of our therapists work intuitively with your body and your field, which means that if one is open-minded to the process, our therapists will receive signals and messages about the client’s body and current situation.  This can be helpful for the one being worked on and the therapist working, as it connects the body to the experience and allows it to relax even deeper into the process.

In addition to clients’ having customized sessions specific to their needs and desires, they will always leave feeling complete and relaxed with hot towels and optional aromatherapy at no extra cost.  We want our clients to feel thoroughly worked while at the same time able to float on out of our office and back to their busy lives…feeling, well, transformed!

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Gain lasting relief from pain and discomfort through Conscious, therapeutic massage!