Our Approach

How We Treat Our Clients


We find our clients’ source of pain, treat it using a variety of different specialties (too many to list here), and we do it without stressing ourselves or our clients in the process.  Learning muscular anatomy and physiology (A&P) is essential for us to do this. Being adept at A&P gives us a safe container to work from because it takes the guesswork away. We know where we are on the body and how it works, this sets us apart from most spa or corporate environments because each and every therapist is highly specialized, experienced and intuitive. 


We believe that restoring one’s body to optimal performance is a partnership between client and massage therapist. What a client does between sessions is just as important, if not more so, than the therapeutic session itself.  This is why we educate our clients and give them practical ideas and body awareness education specific to their health goals.  Although each therapist works differently, the quality will be outstanding because we know what we are doing.  This is our guarentee.  Massage should be both relaxing AND deeply therapeutic!  Most massage therapy is “just okay.”  That makes us cringe.  We want our clients to feel thoroughly worked while at the same time able to float on out of our clinic and back to their busy lives feeling transformed!


How We Treat Our Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT’s)


Have you heard of fair trade coffee or chocolate?  Well, we have fair trade massage therapists! 


There is a Crisis in the massage therapy Industry, most therapists never make a livable wage.  Seriously, the median income for an LMT nationwide is 40K. That’s only the average, that means 50% of LMT’s are making LESS THAN 40K!  At Self-Transformations Massage, we address both of these issues.  


When you choose to spend your hard earned money with us, you can rest assured that your therapist is making a truly livable wage, with guaranteed minimums to ward off fluctuations in their weekly bookings as well as quarterly bonuses when certain sales goals are met. This allows our LMT’s consistency and stability in their paychecks and the incentive to give you the very best of themselves.  Moreover, our LMT’s are extensively trained in proper body mechanics so you never have to worry about your massage therapist’s “hands getting sore,” they won’t, because everyone here knows how to work, we make sure of it.


Last, we are one of the only massage therapy companies that offers paid-time-off to part-time employees as well as monthly FREE in-house bodywork training.  We offer monthly training to ensure the quality of your massage and to give our therapists the opportunity to actually master the craft and to love this career for a lifetime.  Thus, you can feel good about choosing Self-Transformations Massage.

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1225 Ken Pratt Blvd. Ste 137 Longmont, CO 80503

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(720) 329 – 6420



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Gain lasting relief from pain and discomfort through Conscious, therapeutic massage!

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