Injury Recovery

Recover Faster with Therapeutic Massage

Massage can play an important role in the process of injury rehabilitation. Massage encourages blood circulatory movement and relaxes muscles. Massage helps to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues and organs. An increase of vital nutrients into the tissues accelerates the healing rate of injured areas.

Photo of person holding elbow with image overlay of bone structure

Massage can help a range of injuries including sprains, strains, broken bones and muscles tears. Using a variety of massage techniques, massage can stretch out tightness and loosen scar tissue. Using massage as part of injury rehabilitation can increase healing rate and shorten recovery time.

Receiving a massage for an injury helps break down scar tissue. Scar tissue is part of the body’s healing process. Normal skeletal muscle tissue is formed of collagen that sits in a parallel direction so that it allows good contraction and flexibility. When an injury occurs, the body produces excess collagen. The initial production of collagen provides protection and strength to an injury site. However, the excess production leads to poor structural organisation of the tissue that leads to a lack of flexibility. The disruptive distribution of scar tissue commonly causes pain and often dysfunction.


Injury Recovery Massage is effective for:

  • Increasing blood flow & circulation
  • Easing muscle tightness
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Reducing scar tissue
  • Increased tissue elasticity
  • Acute pain from recent soft-tissue injury
  • Chronic pain from old sports or motor vehicle injuries

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