Myofascial Release

Ease Chronic Pain & Tension and Break Up Scar Tissue

Fascia is the soft tissue component of connective tissue. It provides support and protection for most structures within the human body. Tendons, ligaments and scar tissue are, in part, made of fascia. In fact, every muscle cell in the body is wrapped in it. Fascia can become restricted for a variety of reasons; overuse, injury and inactivity are among them.

myofascial release therapy

Myo-fascial Release is a soft tissue therapy used to relax contracted muscles, increase mobility in joints, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, and decrease muscle pain and spasms. It is effective because MFR first treats the constricted fascia and then the affected muscle tissue surrounded by that fascia. When constricted fascia is released, muscles will be able to move more freely and when the muscle can move more freely, the entire structure of the body becomes more mobile and aligned.

For best results, MFR is performed without the use of oil or lotion because treating the connective tissue requires precision and a bit of traction. People new to fascia bodywork may find this technique intense at first but after receiving the profound benefits and relaxing into the style, most clients enjoy it. Some clients have even fallen asleep while receiving it.

This technique is most effective in combination with trigger point (TrP) therapy and/or therapeutic barefoot massage.


Benefits of Myofascial Release:

  • Reduces pain from old sports or motor vehicle accidents
  • Restores body alignment from poor posture
  • Corrects kyphosis, scoliosis, and swayback
  • Reduces or eliminates scar tissue and adhesions
  • Lubricates joints and restores their range of motion
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Increases general flexibility
  • Realigns the body
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