Pre and Post-Natal Massage

Pre & Post-Natal Massage

Pre and Post-Natal massage is a type of massage specifically designed for pregnant and newly postpartum women and requires additional training and care from a licensed massage practitioner.

Prenatal massage is usually performed in a side-lying position with special pillows to support the mother and baby but we also have an incredible body cushion that molds to the pregnant mama’s body in order to allow her to lay her belly down without putting ANY pressure on the baby! 

Post-Natal massage, on the other hand, is done after the baby is born. This type of massage can help speed up the recovery process by reducing swelling, promoting healing, and easing muscle tension. Post-natal massage can also help new mothers cope with the physical and emotional stress of caring for a newborn.

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Ideal for Mama’s who:

  • Are pregnant and postpartum 

  • Are experiencing hormone fluctuations during pregnancy

  • Are experiencing sacral or round ligament pain during pregnancy

  • Are experiencing postpartum depression or mood disorders

  • Are experiencing intensive stress or fear about their baby

  • Have torn or had a traumatic birth experience

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