Barefoot Massage

Barefoot Massage

This is a pain-free, bruise-free form of massage in which I use warm oil and my bare feet to glide over your body seamlessly, giving you an utterly unique deep tissue massage experience.  Many lovers of deep tissue ask for more pressure than a practitioner can reasonably provide.  With this technique, I hold onto bars overhead for balance and use gravity to graduate my body weight to the exact depth your body requires and not an ounce more.

This method is especially effective for melting the long  

muscles of the body such as the paraspinals, quadriceps, and hamstrings.  The broad, rhythmic foot pressure penetrates the deepest layers of muscle, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue restoring flexibility, mobility and elongates the spine.  Although highly effective for athletes, this method is appropriate for most anyone seeking a deep tissue massage without the uncomfortable feeling of pokey elbows.

I’ve worked on 250 pound, solid football players as well as 110 pound petite dancers and body types in between.  Clients leave feeling profound satisfaction for finally getting the depth their bodies craved for way too long!  Once people receive this style of massage, they usually never go back to a traditional hands-only massage.  It’s truly that good!


Perfect For:

  • All athletes; amateurs, professionals and CrossFitters
  • Those seeking something different, new and fresh
  • Many people with back discomfort or pain (depends on the cause)
  • Anyone who is overworked, too stressed or wants to ground
  • Individuals who want more flexibility
  • People who simply want their massage deeper!

Introductory Rate

$20 off your first 60 minute massage, or $30 off your first 90 minute massage!

Mailing Address:

1240 Ken Pratt Blvd Ste. #7,
Longmont, CO 80501

Phone number:

(720) 329 - 6420


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