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Welcome bodyworkers!


Thank you for finding me. If you are here, you are likely in need of a speciality, are burning out, being underpaid for your valuable work, simply don’t know how to keep your books consistently full or some combination of all of these. Unfortunately, this is all too common in our industry.


Before you decide to work with me, please consider listening to my video on The Crisis In Our Industry. What we do is difficult, often underpaid and undervalued. The average bodyworker quits before 5 years in and long before they ever master this awesome craft. It’s a shame. It’s a shame for the people desperate for masterful bodywork and it’s a shame for the therapist that never gets to see the true fruits of such a rewarding career.


Because of these glaring problems in our industry, I feel a moral obligation to help other bodyworkers succeed like I have.

Meet Chārutā, your instructor: 

After college, I joined the Peace Corps and served in a remote island country called the Republic of Kiribati.  The experience profoundly changed me.  It was there I discovered that the world was not designed to be in service to me but rather I should be in service to the world.

This awakening led me to go to massage school at the Ashland Institute of Massage in Southern Oregon and begin my journey as a seeker, healer and teacher.  I started as an assistant instructor and tutor of Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology in 2005 and have taught in various massage schools ever since.  I began my private massage practice in 2007.

Throughout the years, I have refined my craft and have over 22,000 hands-on hours with clients and as an instructor.  I now have the ability to work with others all day, every day without burnout, injury or fatigue.  Being a bodyworker and healer is a profound calling and a wonderful way to earn an abundant living.  I love giving other bodyworkers the tools to accomplish this as well. In my opinion, the world needs awake, skilled, present healers to…well, heal!

 When I am not in my clinic, you can find me with my two sweet boys, Julian & Jovan, skying in the winter with my family, hiking in the summer, or dancing in the kitchen while I cook.

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Chārutā AhMaiua, LMT, Trainer & Owner of Self-Transformations Massage

Consider training with me because…


I Am:

  • 100% Self-Employed making a lovely income
  • Full most of time, week after week
  • Highly specialized with a pipeline of clients that want what I have to give
  • Happy and Satisfied in my chosen Profession

I Do:

  • Give Deep Tissue massage up to 25 hours per week without burnout or injury
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries with my employees and clients
  • Manage my anxieties with market fluctuations and know how to generate new clientele
  • Actually enjoy marketing and learning how to compete with the corporate places
  • Actually get clients out of pain with my specialities
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I can only teach you what I know, but after nearly 20 years doing this full time, starting over in three different states, coaching health and wellness entrepreneurs since 2015, and raising two small children in the process, I know a lot!


Bodywork Specialities you can Learn with Me:

Additional Training:


Individual & Small Group Training Rates


1 hour = $110

2 hours = $200

5 hours = $425*

10 hours = $800*

Groups of 2

1 hour = $60 pp

2 hour = $110 pp

5 hours = $220 pp*

10 hours = $415 pp*

Groups of 3 

1 hour = $39 pp

2 hours = $66 pp

5 hours = $150 pp*

10 hours = $270 pp*

Groups of 4

1 hour = $30 pp

2 hours = $34 pp

5 hours = $140 pp*

10 hours = $270 pp*

*When doing a personalized training over 2 hours, time will be spaced out into 2.5 hour sessions until complete and scheduled to fit all of our busy schedules. 


These longer training sessions are best for those who wish to have a complete understanding of a new modality such as myofascial release or Therapeutic barefoot massage. 


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