Energy Healing

Energy Healing Complements Massage Therapy

Energy healing is a form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the human body. The goal of energy healing is to balance the energy flow in the patient. 


Energy Healing Session

Energy healing also believes that when the flow of a person’s energy field is obstructed or imbalanced it results in physical body, health related symptoms. Restoring the balance of a person’s natural energy field facilitates healing of the body and mind. It is a holistic process of stimulating the body’s innate healing abilities.

Energy Healing Techniques

Reiki is one of the most well-known techniques of energy healing. Developed in Japan, Reiki is used to transfer Qi, or natural energy, from the practitioner to the patient. The practitioner’s Qi is focused and attuned to promote healing in the patient’s body. Using hand placements & breathing techniques, the practitioner facilitates healing and removes energy blocks along the patient’s Chakras.

Perfect For:

  • Relieving tension & stress from the body
  • Stimulating the body’s innate healing ability
  • Anyone who is too stressed or wants to ground
  • Releasing energy blocks and rebalancing the Mind & Body
  • Individuals who need an emotional release & reset
  • Anyone who is interested in a holistic mind-body experience

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