Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a comprehensive approach to healing that prioritizes the body’s energy systems. It encompasses a range of techniques, including Reiki, acupressure, and body/mind balancing, to enhance the flow of energy throughout the body to promote healing and transformation. 

Somatic awareness is another key aspect of energy work that involves developing a deeper understanding of your body’s sensations and movements. This can be achieved through practices such as breath work, tai chi, and meditation, which help to cultivate a greater sense of awareness and connection to your body. 

Our practitioners are highly trained and offer personalized sessions that are tailored to your specific needs. We encourage you to read through our practitioners’ bios to find the one who is best suited to your energy work requirements.


Energy Healing Session

Ideal for those who: 

  • Require a holistic approach to their healing
  • Are looking for complete transformation of mind/body/spirit
  • Experienced past trauma and need an integrated approach to their bodywork
  • Are looking to try something new and spiritually oriented

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