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New To Professional One-On-One Coaching?

New Clients receive a 30 to 45-minute free consultation to determine if we are the right match. If so, we move forward together an initial one-hour sessions for 30% off!  This is a great way to see if my coaching style is right for you!

After these initial 3 sessions, we reevaluate. If you are continuing to gain benefit from the coaching process and wish to continue, we will complete a full Basic 12-hour program together with a total time commitment of 2-4 months.

Your remaining financial investment will be $620 total Basic program cost is $800, which is $100 off the regular price).

  • Flexible payment options are available upon request.  Visit the Investment page for details
  • For more information About Us, visit the About page
  • For more information about our Coaching style, visit Coaching Services or the FAQ page


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Want To Experience Group Coaching?

Register early for the next 8-week Empower Transitions course and receive $40 off  the original price plus a one-on-one individual coaching session!

  • Contact Us for the dates of the next course and the early-bird registration details
  • For more information about group coaching, visit Empower Transitions page

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Are You A New Massage Client?

Receive 30 minutes free…  Make Your Hour 90 minutes!  OR $15 Off  An Hour Massage!

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Are You A Returning Coaching Client?

Welcome back! By now, you are familiar with the awesome and revealing process of Reflective Questioning®. I am so happy it worked for you.

For continuing your journey with me, receive your next Basic program for $50 off or your next Intensive program for $90 off.

  • Flexible payment options are still available upon request.
  • This offer is only valid for returning clients who are purchasing their 2nd coaching program and who are unemployed, low income, newly self-employed or students.
  • Visit the Coaching Investment page for more details

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