As a working single mother, I am always looking for ways to take care of myself. It’s essential for keeping me balanced and grounded, so I can be the best version of me with my child.

Even though I know the importance of self-care, all too often I need a reminder to step back and focus on my own wellbeing. In her article 6 Tips for Overworked Working Mothers, Dr. Joanne Stern says

“Being a working mother is hard. Period. Don’t pretend that it’s not or that you should be able to make it easy.

You may feel like you live on a roller coaster or that your life is one giant game of tug o’ war-with your job tugging you on one end and your husband and kids tugging you on the other. But collapsing into a pile of exhaustion and guilt isn’t the answer. Instead, grab a giant dose of “Hey, this is my life, and I’m going to make it work for me.”


Here are SEVEN things you can do when you’re feeling overwhelmed 


The first six are from Dr Stern and I added one more!


1. Put YOU at the top of your priority list even when you’re sure you don’t have an extra minute for yourself. Successful working moms have learned that when they don’t take time for themselves, they aren’t as efficient and they’re not as happy.

2. Give yourself a hug, ask for a hug from your kids and think about how lucky you are to be a mom. Even on a bad day, remember what deep joy your children bring to your life.

3. Remind yourself of the benefits you gain from your paid employment.  When women find meaning, challenge and potential for career growth and development, it brings bring them personal gratification.

4. Step back and take a moment to celebrate yourself. Most career moms feel increased self-esteem that mitigates other stressful aspects of life and results in an overall positive effect. Just don’t forget to take time to allow that feeling to flow through you so you can really absorb it.

5. Learn to cope for success. Of all the coping mechanisms working moms use to balance their lives, giving up perfectionism is at the top of the list. Superwomen went out decades ago, so get ready to lower your household standards. No one cares except you. Find a healthy source for quick meals, order out or go out and spend the time you save with your family.

6. Find a friend who can listen and give you support. No matter how organized you are, there are most likely times when you get frazzled-days when you just want to bitch and whine. So get it out of your system and move on.

7. Get a MASSAGE. What is missing on this list is massage! How long has it been? Massage is not meant for just vacations and special occasions, there is actual science for how it helps reduce stress and anxiety over time. A therapeutic massage releases any stored tension, aches and soreness in your body. When your body feels safe & relaxed, your overall wellbeing improves too.


Whatever tips you decide to use, I hope you continue to make yourself a priority!

Article Source

Joanne Stern Ph.D., 6 Tips for Overworked Working Mothers. Psychology Today

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