About Chārutā

Hello there,

Chārutā (Danielle) AhMaiua CPC, CMT, BA

My insatiable, lifelong hunger to understand our human condition, and somehow catalyze the healing and evolution of myself and humanity began in my early twenties while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the remote island country of Kiribati, in the South Pacific. I lived without electricity, running water, creature comforts, light or air pollution. Over the course of my time there, this unique environment coupled with the simple, content and compassionate lifestyle of the islanders, profoundly impacted me and I was forever changed.

Upon returning, I was filled with many more questions than answers; such as why do humans suffer? And what makes people genuinely happy? For example, how could simple islanders, with almost no material goods be so happy, while many abundant, well-educated Americans feel deprivation and depression?  What creates these polarized imbalances and inequalities? And above all, how do we restore and create harmony within ourselves while coexisting on and with this amazing planet?

These questions directed me to the Ashland Institute of Massage in Ashland, Oregon. Soon after graduation, I began tutoring students in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, and began my beloved, ever-deepening and evolving massage practice.

As grateful as I am to be a part of the dynamic massage profession, I soon realized that massage therapy in and of itself is often incomplete.  The quality of our thoughts directly impacts our physical and emotional well-being. There exists a Mind, Body, Spirit connection and everything is intelligently designed, connected, and interrelated. Therefore, I sensed a more holistic approach was needed to restore harmony within the individual and to accelerate Self-transformation.

This felt-sense propelled me for over a decade to acquire more comprehensive skills with transforming Mind, Body and Spirit (first and foremost with myself).  Massage gave way to dance and other movement practices.  These various movement practices gave way to sitting meditations and long retreats. In 2007, I began coaching with Master coach, artist, visionary and author, Marianne Weidlein and was absolutely astounded with my accelerated progress using her method of Reflective Questioning®. Never before, with any other technique had I experienced such profound, breathtaking and lasting results. I was hooked.

I participated in a year long coach training program with Marianne in 2010 and a two year, one-on-one mentorship with her until her passing in 2015. Shortly there after, I attended the Center for Coaching Certification and obtained my first credential as a Coach. In addition to these trainings, I serve and revere the Great Spiritual Humanitarian, Mata Amritananda Mayi (Amma for short) and am an ongoing participator in her charities and retreats.

My journey thus far has inspired the great understanding that every human being is uniquely designed. No two people have the same purpose and one’s capacity for Self Transformation is vast. Therefore, with your free 30 to 45 minute consultation, we will discuss your specific wants and goals to determine if we are the correct fit. Then together, we will create a transformational program specifically tailored for you and only you.

In support of your well-being,


Cha-ROO-ta, Ah-may-U-ah