My Approach

My Massage Approach


A brilliant teacher in massage school told us, “You don’t need to work deeper to alleviate someone’s pain, you just need to find IT.” “When you find your clients “IT,” and work “IT,” your clients will be satisfied. Working deeper isn’t necessary, you need to work smarter.” I took what he said to heart!

“Finding IT is finding a person’s source of pain and treating it. Learning muscular anatomy and physiology (A&P) well, was essential for me to do this. Being adept in A&P gives me a safe container to work from, because it takes the guesswork away. I know where I am on the body and how it works. Therefore, intuition alone is not sufficient. Intuition combined with a fine-tuned understanding of A&P and the proper use of body mechanics provides me the freedom to let go and treat the source of one’s pain confidently and effectively, with grace and ease.

I find the source of pain, treat it with a variety of different techniques, and I do it without stressing myself or my client in the process. I find this to be an ever-evolving art. In addition, each and every session, whether treating pain in a specific area or during a full body treatment, will always feel complete and relaxing.