Discover why a seasoned Chiropractor recommends Chārutā and Self-Transformations masterful therapeutic massage for anyone needing healing bodywork


Dr. Teresa Davies

Listen to John tell you in his own words, why he recommends Chārutā (Danielle), owner of Self-Transformations Massage, for her ability to be present, full of love and compassionate with all her clients.







John F.

An elite Triathlon athlete describes why he needs and loves masterful therapeutic massage with Self-Transformations Massage.




Randy O.

An overworked college student describes the stress busting benefits of receiving a therapeutic massage with Self-Transformations massage.



Courtney M.
CSU Student

Gonzalo shares how Chārutā & Self-Transformations are skilled massage therapists, but can also help shift mental and emotional blocks. 



Gonzalo S.
Software Engineer

Having suffered chronic pain for years, Trevor explains why he never misses an appointment at Self-Transformations Massage 



Trevor M.
Weekly Client

They do a great job. Their on line scheduler makes it easy to get an appointment and the practitioners are top notch. A great place!






Dan G.
Google Review

Chārutā is awesome! I’ve been working with her for about six months and she has helped me with everything from an injured knee to loosening muscles in general. I love the work she does with her feet. I highly recommend her.



Renée R.
Google Review

Charuta is an amazing massage therapist! Her technique always leaves me realizing how much I needed to see her (every time).






Lisa L.
Google Review

Christina provided superior massage services in my home. Four of us had back-to-back treatments and she was able to individualize the experience for each of us. Will definitely obtain further treatments from her. Highly recommend!!!!



Timothy H.
Google Review

This was my first ashiatsu massage & it was amazing thanks to Chārutā! She really listened to my concerns &  thoroughly reviewed my history to determine what was going to work best for me. If you are looking for a relaxing, yet therapeutic massage, I couldn’t recommend her more!


Sandi F.
Google Review

Charuta always a pleasure! 2nd time in and was once again a great experience…Charuta is so pleasant and great conversations she does an excellent job explains things well and I leave feeling awesome! Will definitely be back!



Tamatha C.
Google Review

Have now had sessions with all three therapists, with their combined expertise the chronic pain in legs and knee have eased to the point the need for steroid injections has been completely eliminated. New to me is red light therapy which I find outstanding, that being a precursor to a long lasting effect for all treatments these therapists provide . 

Ben U.
Google Review

Charuta is the best for therapeutic massage and bodywork! She’s very knowledgeable and helped me with an overuse injury and also improve my posture! So grateful!





Kelly M.

Charuta is such a skilled massage therapist. She worked on some shoulder issues I was having, very gently, and the next day the issues were much improved. I highly recommend Charuta and Self Transformations massage. Incredible.



Kathy N.
Google Review

My massage therapist is a healer! Chārutā is absolutely fabulous. One of the hardest things to find is a therapist that you can connect with on a healing level, both as a spiritual advisor, and for the physical body. Chārutā has been excellent at being able to teach me how to care for my spirit, and has done an excellent job caring for my body.

Xander M.
Small Business Owner

Had an excellent experience. Will definitely be going back for further care. Was attentive to what I needed.






Kelsey T.
Small Business Owner

Outstanding skills. I appreciate their knowledge in treating my shoulder pain. I would highly recommend these therapists.






Cheri W.
Google Review

Charuta is a gifted listener, sensitive, and compassionate. Her knowledge and understanding of anatomy and her ability to gauge what is needed for an individual was most helpful. Her work was a valuable part of my support team while recovering from Lyme and navigating chronic pain.


Tammy K.
Google Review

Self Transformations massage is amazing, they listen to where you’re feeling pain or stress and dig in to expertly loosen up tight muscles. I highly recommend this quality massage studio to anyone who wants a professional session.



Pete D.
Insurance Sales Agent

Charuta is truly amazing! I have received a several massages from her now. Each time she has taken the time to focus on my problem areas and really give me lasting relief from my pain. I can’t speak highly enough of her work. It’s pure magic!



Erin F.
Cleaning Service Owner

Pavandeep was amazing. She asked questions and listened closely. She was thoughtful about what techniques to use and where to focus her time and energy. She took a very individualized approach to my session. I highly recommend Pavandeep.



Nicole C.
Google Review

Charuta gave me the best massage I have received thus far in my life. She is an amazing person with a calming and comfortable studio, and a variety of styles to address any of your aches and pains. She helped loosen up my neck and back and left me feeling like a new person! I would recommend Charuta to my closest friends and family!

Alex T.
Landscaping Owner

Charuta is amazing! I was having issues with one of my shoulders & she was able to work on in without causing me more pain. Within another day it was gone. She took the time to understand what was going on & how I got the pain the first place to properly address and help me resolve it. Highly recommend her to my friends and family for sure!

Noah K.

Wonderful massage with Charuta! A relaxing yet energizing experience that left me feeling calm, limber, and performing at my athletic best. The technique where she walks on your back is amazing!




Quentin L.

I have been getting my messages from Self Transformations for about a year now. Charuta and Pavandeep are excellent massage therapists and I would highly recommend them for your next massage.




Tim G.
Commercial Real Estate

Charuta is so incredibly knowledgeable and gives THE BEST massages. When I get a massage I leave feeling so rejuvenated. She also gives me information about exercises I can do at home to alleviate any specific ailments I am having. She’s incredibly kind, compassionate, professional, and all-around amazing. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Google Review

Charuta is amazing. She is technically awesome and, at the same time, is able to hold impeccable presence. She is intuitive and kind. Her techniques are very healing and personally help me continue to be my best as an athlete and entrepreneur. I absolutely recommend her!


Matthew L.

My massage from Pavandeep was just what I needed. I appreciated that she asked me what my goal was for the massage beyond the areas that needed attention. This allowed her to adjust style which helped me get the most relief from problem areas.



Kate M.
Google Review

Charuta & Pavandeep are very skilled at what they do. Most importantly, they take the time to listen to your specific needs and focus on providing the right care for each individual.


I highly recommend Self-Transformation Massage if you are looking for a fresh approach to taking care of your body.

Chad V.
Insurance Agent

Love coming here for massage and great atmosphere. Professional and comforting environment with great massage therapists.


Highly recommend !!




Tony Y.
Sales Manager

I highly recommend Charuta and her wonderful massages – she really takes the time to understand where your discomfort is and her thoughtful approach yields great results.


I am very grateful to have such a talented masseuse and healer in the neighborhood!

Paul C.
Product Manager

This type of massage therapy is completely new to me. The results speak for themselves. I threw my back out a few months ago bad enough I could barely walk, let alone do my job or yard work around the house. Charuta has worked on my body a handful of times in the last few weeks and already I’m able to perform physical duties at my job.

Brandon H.
Google Review

As a massage therapist, I recognize that there are levels of knowledge and skill within the profession. Charuta has mastered massage therapy and is the best practitioner I have worked with in terms of clinical/therapeutic skill. Myself and the doctors that I work for refer people to her often.


Hannah S.
Massage Therapist

Loved the experience! The amount that Charuta and Pavendeep care and their level of knowledge of the body and physiology really show in the results.





Ben B.

Hands down, (no pun intended) the best facility and massage sessions i have ever had!! Both Charuta and Pavendeep are masters in bodywork. Every session I have had has left me feeling put back together, so to speak. I would highly recommend either of these practitioners for any of the services they offer!!!

Mike K.
Google Review

Charuta is a very skilled Massage Therapist and knows her Anatomy very well. She takes the time to help me understand my own body. She has helped tremendously in helping me achieve a pain free life.




Christina W.

I booked a last minute appointment and nearly melted in to the table. Great combination of relaxation as well as therapeutic as she put me in stretches that knocked things loose from my childhood… Key for me was her use of body weight (standing) on my larger muscles.


Jay G.
Real Estate Appraiser

Chārutā is amazing! Her space has such positive and relaxing energy. I got an hour massage and will probably go for the 90 minute next time, such a treat and totally worth it.




Tyson R.
Google Review

Pavandeep’s Magic Feet. The best massage I’ve gotten in the area in a LONG time. Her attention to the massage is present, focused and attentive to the bodies needs with a clear sense of professional boundary and sensitivity. Highly recommend! Thank you, Pavandeep!


Ken F.

I do so much work in the world and my own inner world that coming to Charuta once every two months seems to steady me- allow me to continue strongly- integrates all that I have been doing. It is the ultimate self-care.




Elizabeth R.

Chārutā is an amazing healer. I am thrilled to have found her bodywork. She provides the massages I’ve ever had, and I’ve worked with a lot of people. She is physically and emotionally attuned. This combination keeps me coming back.



Bonnie S.

I have used each of the therapists here and they are both great. After relocating to this area I was worried about finding someone as skilled as my former therapist and my worry was placed at ease.




Joanie A.

The massage therapists at Self-Transformations are of superior skill! They have a wide spectrum of massage methodologies which they are not only knowledgeable about, they have experience over time adding to their wise application of techniques.


Susan G.

Self-Transformations Massage is the best of the best – I’ve driven 100 miles one way… and it was well worth it!






Trina H.
Adjunct Professor

Massages at Self-Transformation are exceptional & like no other massages I’ve ever received! They provide exceptional care with their therapeutic touch, advanced techniques & holistic approach to massage. If you’re like me and suffer from chronic pain then I highly recommend you try a therapeutic massage!


Rose S.
Small Business Owner

I had a great experience here. I was enticed by a good deal on a 90 minute massage, and their other reviews made it seem promising.

I greatly enjoyed the massage I got here, and felt fantastic afterwards! I will definitely return for another massage!



Nick S.

My hip pain now has an amazing solution. After 25 years of deep tissue massage I thought it had to hurt to get relief. Chārutā’s combo of myofascial release and ashiatsu are incredibly effective yet gentle. Thank you for your great touch and body wisdom.



Adrian C.
Agriculture Extension

Chārutā’s combination of Myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and barefoot massage removes stress from my life, keeps my body in its intended state, and helps me to continue to improve my sports performance. I’m so grateful for how her work has improved my life!


Randy O.

It is said that blessings happen when you most need them. For me, Chārutā is such a gift. With the technique of reflective questioning and deeply soothing massage, she has helped me untangle a lifetime of limiting perceptions. My body is healing and my heart is feeling more connected.  highly recommend Chārutā

Angela D.
Retired Montessori Teacher

Do yourself a favor and go see Chārutā! It will not only be an experience you won’t regret but habit that will make your life feel whole! Very professional environment and extremely knowledgeable massage therapist.




Aimee F.

I’ve traveled the world and experienced many massages. Chārutā’s barefoot massage and myo-fascial release is the best massage I have ever experienced. Ever! 34-hours later, and I still feel amazing. Cannot wait to go back.



Martin S.
Mortgage Loan Officer

I’ve been a practitioner for over 20 years in the healing arts & I certainly know a good bodyworker when I feel one. Chārutā has a deep listening capacity and an intuitive touch. She has helped me tremendously and I am quite particular about getting bodywork. I trust Chārutā’s level of care and I highly recommend her!

client profile picture
Brooke A.

Having suffered with frozen shoulder for almost a year I was finding it difficult to do simple tasks like brush my hair, get dressed and even hug people! It took only 4 sessions with Chārutā before I was on the road to a complete recovery. Her knowledge of anatomy gave me great confidence. Thanks Chārutā!!

Clare M.

I had some very painful and chronic issues after a sacral fracture & had tried many other modalities. Nothing worked. Then, Chārutā worked me over in the best way and today, I rarely have any pain there! I would like to encourage you to put yourself into her capable and loving hands. 


client profile picture
Karen S.

Chārutā listens with her ears, hands and heart. She knows we have nowhere to be except right here, right now. That is a mighty gift.





Bruno D.
Massage Therapist

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