Reflective Questioning®

“Achieving extraordinary results demands exceptional measures!”
~ Marianne Weidlein

To assist you in your optimal performance, I use Reflective Questioning®, a one-of-a-kind, advanced coaching method for achieving accelerated, lasting change.

Reflective Questioning® was originally created by master coach Marianne Weidlein in 1989. She refined the process over many years with hundreds of clients.

Through Reflective Questioning®, you will…

  • Understand yourself, your motivation, and be inspired to wisely adjust how to respond and conduct your life
  • Achieve greater clarity and move forward at a steadfast pace
  • Become resilient and resourceful regardless of life’s circumstances
  • Gain a stronger able to problem-solve and resolve conflicts with ease
  • Develop outstanding effectiveness, excellence, and integrity in all ways
  • Gain the confidence and capacity to create the life they were born to live!

Reflective Questioning® (RQ) is different because …

  • It is a results-oriented and client-focused inquiry process. It gives client’s total freedom in which to explore their unique needs and truth without any outside influence.
  • It helps clients evaluate, and draw conclusions, which serve them to make more discerning choices about how to clearly think and choose wise actions.
  • It directs clients to the root cause of their limitation and how it undermines their success. With this understanding, client’s recognize how it limits them and many of their endeavors, which consequently helps them to easily determine the adjustments they are ready to make.
  • Implementing these adjustments renews and propels client’s forward at an unprecedented pace.

How does Reflective Questioning® work?

A client begins with an initial question. This initial question reflects the client’s main concern or area of stuckness. For examples, ” Why do my romantic relationships always end quickly? “Why am I unhappy in my career?” “How do I make more money?”

As a coach, I listen deeply to clients responses, then out of exactly what they say, I formulate my next question using their exact same words. If I imagine how I think clients will, could or should respond and alter their language, I can distract them and take them away from their train of thought. The way in which the client responds generates the next question, the next and then the next that I ask.

Thus, it is through this process of clear, concise reflective questions and clear, concise answers (bypassing “Story”) that guides clients on a rapid journey straight to the cause or root of their concern and opens their heart in the process.

When the root of a concern is unearthed, there is no going back. Awareness is gained and transformation is underway. When the root is pulled, that weed cannot grow again. When internal awareness is gained, external reality begins to change automatically. There is no more forced change.

The Foundational Theory Behind Reflective Questioning®:

1). External symptoms may be similar, but internal causes vary dramatically.  

  • Take for example two professionals who have a similar career problem of being overworked and underpaid. The external symptoms of this issue can be quite similar (they both struggle to make ends meet, feel exhausted and don’t have enough time for family), yet the internal causes for their situation can be as variable as clouds in the sky. One individual is stuck in this scenario because he struggles with confidence and so never took career risks that would have supported him because they could have resulted in failure. The other person is in this situation because she was in an abusive relationship and is now raising three children on her own. And so on and so forth…

It is because causes to issues are uniquely individual, that RQ is completely customized and client-directed. As a reflective questioner, I know that I don’t know. This fosters deep listening and getting 100% out of the way!

2). You have the answers to your own issues or concerns. They await you in your magnificent human brain!

  • We live in a demanding world, filled with distractions, expectations and intellectual explanations. Your answers may be covered over or hidden from conscious view for a variety of reasons but they are there, awaiting to be discovered. In fact, no one is better equipt to find the answers or to determine the best course of action than you!

This is why RQ facilitators, respectfully and compassionately, assist clients to find their own answers and how to live by them instead of “leading” or offering advice.  Answers generated from within are much more powerful than answers given from an outside source; a best kept secret for effective, rapid and lasting change.

Welcome to the journey of Reflective Questioning®;
the journey into the Self!

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