Package of 10, 1-hour Massages

$850.00 $740.00

Buy purchasing a package of 10, 1-hour massages, you save $90 off the regular price!

Remember you have 1 year from the purchase date to use them, you can give 1, 1-hour massage away as a gift certificate, you can share this package with one immediate family member, and tipping is completely optional.

You can pay in 2 to 4 monthly payment installments at no additional cost.



Together, we create a plan of action specifically designed for your needs and desires.  I specialize in therapeutic massage, designed to restore correct body alignment, decrease muscle tension and get client’s out of pain, for good!

A rolfing form of myofascial release, trigger point therapy and a deep tissue massage performed with bare feet are the modalities I have trained extensively in.  For more information about these specific modalities, please visit the drop down menu of my massage services.

I’ve been licensed since 2006 and treat low back pain, neck pain, head forward posture, sway back, scoliosis, post knee and hip surgeries, TMJ syndrome, strained muscles, and complex, layered problems from older injuries.  I love working with athletes pre and post races.  I love showing people that deep tissue, effective massage doesn’t have to hurt!

Although the goal of each session is to leave you restored, refreshed and structurally improved, each and every session will feel complete and relaxing with hot towels and aromatherapy.

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