Intensive Coaching Program – 20 Sessions

$2,500.00 $2,100.00

Be all that you can be!  These 20 sessions are usually facilitated weekly at first, then bi-monthly and sometimes monthly for up to one full year. This program is best for accelerating complete and lasting change or to tackle any concern that is layered, complex and/or extremely deep.

This program is also recommended and appropriate for anyone needing ongoing support as an executive or during a period of great transition.  Let’s face it, things come up regularly.  Stay on top of it being the best you can be with regular coaching!  The intensive program is the best value.  You will save $400 or more by choosing this program.  



Chose this program if you already know Reflective Questioning is for you.  20, 1-hour sessions are facilitated weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly depending on each individual client needs and goals.  This option can be used for 3-6 month intensives when tackling acute, intense situations that require immediate understanding and transformation (a loss of a loved one, a move, a divorce, a career change, launch of a new business, etc.).  This program can also be spread out through one year for people who need ongoing support (managing work/life balance and overwhelm, managing dynamic executive roles, beginning an entirely new chapter in life, etc.)

Coaching intensive is ideal for accelerating complete transformation especially when tackling any concern that is layered, complex or extremely deep.  It is also a great choose for on-going support for anyone in a complex, dynamic working or life environment.  In addition to one-on-one coaching, relevant articles and activities are given throughout the length of each customized program.

You can pay for this program in 2 – 6 payments upon request.  Discounts may also be available for those experiencing acute financial hardship.