60-Minute Coaching Session

$125.00 1 hour

My Coaching specialties/niches include:

  1. Communication and conflict
  2. Business/Professional development
  3. Personal growth and transformation

My peerless inquire technique known as Reflective Questioning guides you on your unique journey!  I look forward to sharing it with you soon so you get the satisfaction and success you deserve!



The freedom, transformation, and satisfaction you want can be yours!  Your first 60-minute coaching call is 30% off.  Program rates depend on your ability to pay and how well established you are.  Please visit my “your investment page” for more details.

Each coaching session is customized specifically to address your concerns and goals.  Coaching with me is appropriate for those just starting out in business to those already well established looking to take their business to the next level.  I also work with executives in companies and other managers or busy employees needing different tools or greater work/life balance.  Personally, anyone feeling “stuck” or who find themselves is a great transition from a divorce, a move, a career change or any other life change, I can assist!

Why is this style of coaching extremely effective for a variety of different people?  I use an incredible inquire technique called Reflective Questioning.  It gets to the root of the concern, almost any concern, quickly and effectively.  It is a customized as individuals themselves.  Give it a try.