Kara B. Imle

My work is to mend hurting places—in bodies, souls, and the natural world. I’m honored to be here for this, and to work with you and your loves.

I grew up in Alaska, and as a young person, developed a strong connection to animals and the natural world. I draw on that connection in my present work. My mission is to hold space for what arises for each individual, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

My Rolfing Structural Integration sessions focus on the patterns of unhealth in the physical body. I work to gently and systematically unwind these patterns so that people can experience ease and wholeness in their bodies. Athletes, musicians, moms, businesspeople, retirees, and yogis have all found relief and inspiration through my work.

I did my shamanic training in Austin, Texas, with Karen Hutchins, who studied with Sandra Ingerman. I received my certificate in Rolfing Structural Integration in 2009.

In 2010 I began studying SourcePoint Therapy™, a type of energy medicine, and now assist in teaching it. I also practice SourcePoint Therapy and gentle bodywork on horses and dogs.

I am also a poet and received a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Puget Sound in 1996. Stories have always moved me deeply, and I take a Jungian approach to dreams and mythology, integrating dreamwork, myth, and fairytale into my sessions with the idea that the beings in our stories have many things to teach us.

I can use any of these modalities to facilitate mending, but some of my greatest teachings come from the spirits of trees, birds, insects, and animals. Over the years, they have blessed me with many of their secrets as I sat and learned to listen deeply. With their help, I address traumatized people, land, houses, or ancestors, receiving and transmitting helpful messages from them.

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Kara B. Imle

Shamanic Practitioner and Structural Integration Therapist


Therapeutic Bodywork

Nerve and Tissue Work

Shamanic Healing

Drum Journeying

Intuitive Healing

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