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Frequency Meditation

During sleep, the reptilian brain dominates and chemically represses the influence of left hemisphere of the neocortex. Among other functions, the reptilian brain controls bodily functions, such as breathing, body temperature, sleep and dreaming. Worries, anxiety, and dreams from the night before can trouble the mind, lower the vibrational frequency, and weigh on the body (Weidlein, 1995).

So here’s something my teacher Marianne Weidlein taught to clients and used herself for years.

  • Each morning before getting up, do a frequency raising meditation by smiling gratitude, love, or joy into your solar plexus and heart, and feel it spread through your entire body. This revs up the body’s systems much better than caffeine. The focused smile of joy will begin to open your solar plexus. You may feel your energy expand to other chakras as well as your brain; all of which become open and expanded. This sets the tone for the day. You should feel happier and more eager about your day.
  • Sustain your smile of love, gratitude, or joy for 15-30 minutes. Fifteen minutes is probably adequate, but you can do it for as long as you want the feeling and focus. You can close your mouth while you smile to better feel the physical sensation emanating through you body. But you might like to smile with your mouth open. In order to effectively raise your vibrational frequency, play and experiment with different ways of smiling, and observe how they make your body and mind feel.
  • Feeling is essential because, in Marianne Weidlein’s experience and my own, keeping your vibrational frequency high is the most important ability to learn!

While smiling, vary your focus. It may be on things for which you are grateful or for which you intend.


1) Everyday my body becomes stronger, healthier, and younger.

2) Everyday I become kinder, more patient and gentler with myself and others

3) I appreciate the people (add names) who believed in me and supported me throughout my life.

4) I appreciate the people (add names) who are supportive now.

5) Although difficult, I appreciate being challenged so I can become my best and strongest Self.

6) I appreciate all the wonderful things (name them) that are happening in my life now.

7) I appreciate my income growing and increasing beyond my imagination.

8) I appreciate the constantly unfolding miracles I see.

9) I appreciate the person I am becoming and my new healthful habits

10) Add anything else that comes to your mind!

  • Because you are raising your frequency, great ideas and forgotten things may come to mind, so you may want to write them down or record them.
  • Try this for 10 days and see what it brings. Take one day off and see if it is more difficult to get interested in your daily activities. If so, continue on with greater commitment!
  • Be creative, explore and have fun with this. Make this process your own!