Core Values

“Love is our true essence.”

~ Amma (Mata Amritanadamayi Devi)

I believe the very essence of all that we are is love.  Giving and receiving love is our human birthright.  With love as our core, happiness springs forth effortlessly and all other creative endeavors are ours for the making.  Why then is expressing and experiencing an ever-flowing stream of love so challenging for many of us?  I believe fear, judgment, negative conditioning and past hurtful experiences play significant roles in how we humans form ourselves and our lives.  These limiting aspects often distort us, making our “true-Self” impossible to realize.  This has certainly been true for me in the past.

In order for these limitations to be removed completely and replaced with their positive equivalents, I believe one must understand and pull the very “root” of the negativity, (anything less than the root will grow back with time like a weed does).  Embracing life-long transformation through Reflective Questioning®, bodywork and meditative practices have been my keys for becoming the intentional author of my unique destiny.  It has made all the difference in the world for me!

“It is very important to carefully observe the things we see before we judge. Things aren’t always as they appear.”

~ Ellen J. Barrier

I believe things are actually almost never as they appear.  We often have a mere glimpse of a person or situation and hardly understand the many circumstances leading to a particular observable scene.  Over the years, to remind myself not to judge I often say to myself, “I don’t have all of the information,” which is the simple truth for us all.  It is important to be cautious and learn to make wise, discerning choices, but judgment only creates separation and continues ignorance.  Transforming judgment into unconditional understanding continues to be the greatest gift I give myself.

“Look for the answer inside your question.”

~ Rumi

All that each person needs and wants is already within!  No one can tell anyone else how to effectively address his or her change, nor how to stand strong with challenge.  Only the individual knows what holds her back and only she has the answers to her life’s conundrums.  The ability to navigate even the most daunting change lie within each person’s powerful brain, ever waiting to be ignited.  

I began making real, lasting progress when I started slowing down, looking within, reflecting and learning to trust my own inner guidance over that of others.  Advice at best works partially, some of the time and at worst completely disempowers people by interfering with their ability to rely on and discover their own “inner compasses.”  I’ve found the best processes are often the ones that simplify things and guide us in finding and living by our own answers.

“Synchronicity is the soul’s reminder of authorship.”

~ Eric Micha’el Leventhal

I believe the universe is conscious and responsive to energy.  When our thoughts and energy are aligned and of a high vibration, we thrive.  The opposite is also true. The longer we maintain a negative mood, attitude or belief we begin to transmit a new signal, one of a lower vibration and the universe responds accordingly. Quite literally, we shape our reality through the quality of our consciousness and the choices we make. We actually become what we think and believe and magnetically attract that toward us.  

Therefore, as difficult as it may sound, I believe there are no coincidences, chance encounters or accidents. Through observing myself and many others, there is indeed a feeling of synchronicity when we are positive and flowing and the lack of it when we are not. Perhaps this is not true for everyone, in every situation, at all times but true most of the time. Thankfully with wisdom, understanding and a drive for transformation, we greatly influence our human experience!

“The cure for pain is in the pain.”

~ Rumi

Pain is hardly ever consciously invited yet it is so commonly experienced by this human race. Why? As uncomfortable and downright unbearable as pain and suffering are sometimes, they are undeniable, great awakeners.  In order to become a mighty tree a seed must first go humbly under the earth and become something different than it began as.  The seed does not know what hidden potential lay dormant within itself, yet still, it enters the dark, unknown, sunless and cold soil below, ever willingly.  

This process for a seed seems necessary and natural but so often I believe many of us resist the same organic process within ourselves.  I know I certainly have. Yet when I actually allow myself to first and foremost courageously feel and acknowledge the pain that exists within and then use it to understand and change myself in needed ways, I actually give pain a real purpose in my life. I am then able to release it easier, without resistance, and the entire natural process of transformation becomes much more comfortable.

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”

~ Leo Tolstoy

Virtuous living is the highest value for me.  The great Sages and Saints of the past and today know that simplicity, humility, truth and integrity are some of the magnificent qualities that create and sustain real happiness.  From my experience, they are absolutely correct.  When I love others, I love myself and experience more peace, when I hurt others (knowingly or unknowingly), I ultimately hurt myself and experience more strife.  It is pretty simple, yet for me these virtues have not been gained easily or quickly.  Rather, they continue to be cultivated through steadfast commitment as well as, making humble, non-judgmental corrections when I don’t get it “right.”  I learn as I live.  This is the best I can do and it is finally good enough!