Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is and is not professional coaching?

Professional coaching is a dynamic, evolving and thought-provoking process in which the client and coach partner to maximize a client’s personal and professional potential. It focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and catalyzing personal transformation.  A fundamental difference between coaching and other mental health care professionals such as counselors or psychotherapists is that coaches honor the client as creative, resourceful and whole.  With this as their foundation, coaches:

  • Motivate and inspire personal and professional success
  • Support clients in their Self-discovery
  • Provide active listening and reflection for client’s clarity
  • Draw forth client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Support clients in becoming responsible and accountable

As coaches we do not:

  • Diagnose, fix, or prescribe medications
  • Have our own agendas about what is best for clients
  • Give personal or professional advice or “teach” our clients
  • Work directly to process past “wounds” or extreme traumas
  • Think we are an expert of our client’s lives
Why do people hire coaches?
Professionals and individuals hire coaches because they desire to thrive in new and profound ways. Some clients are undergoing a period of great transition (a divorce, a career change, a move) and need additional, expert and caring support. Others feel mostly content in their lives but are stuck in one way or another (for example, they love their work lives but have difficulties in relationships or vice versa, they love their home lives but are unhappy in their careers). Still others feel a deep longing to become more and just don’t quite know how to get there.  The common theme among people who seek out coaching is usually a strong desire and will to take their lives or their careers to the next level and reach greater heights.
Why hire you?

Self-Transformation is at the forefront of my life. It isn’t a mere career for me, it is a way of life. Before I ever even entertained the notion of being a coach for others I underwent my own Self-transformations with the very same process I offer to others.  This evolution is ongoing.  I am incredibly passionate about watching brilliance emerge. I love it!  I have over a decade of collective experience with this work, both receiving and formal training as well as a certification from the Center for Coaching Certification

Why Optimal Performance Coaching specifically?

Olympic athlete’s understand that in order to perform at their very best, they must train consistently, diligently and wisely. They must overcome limitations and persevere despite challenges.  Often professional trainers are invaluable in helping streamline their process and assist them in achieving their absolute optimal performance.  What professional trainers do for athlete’s bodies, professional coaches do for individual’s whole person. Optomal performance coaching is transformational from the inside out.

What is Reflective Questioning®?

Reflective Questioning® (RQ) is a coaching technique developed by master coach Marianne Weidlein in 1989 that she refined over the years with hundreds of clients.  It has become an advanced method for accelerating transformation.  This results-oriented, client-focused process helps clients reflect, evaluate, and draw conclusions, which serve them to make precise, discerning choices about how to clearly think and choose wise actions.

Why is Reflective Questioning® so effective?

Reflective Questioning® is a transformative process that gives client’s total freedom in which to explore their unique needs and truth.  It directs them to the root cause of their limitation and how it undermines their success.  With this understanding, client’s recognize how it limits them and many of their endeavors, which consequently helps them to easily determine the adjustments they are ready to make.

Implementing these adjustments renews and propel client’s forward at an unprecedented pace. The results will be greater effectiveness, excellence, and integrity in all ways, giving them the confidence and capacity to create and live a life they truly love!

What will Optimal Performance Coaching do for me?

Optimal performance coaching, using the profound process of Reflective Questioning®, proves dramatically effective again and again because it reveals what undermines progress and rapidly moves clients toward what they want instead of what they do not want.  The respectful, dynamic partnership between coach and client ensures that clients receive what they desire because sessions are driven by them and for them.

With Optimal performance coaching you will:

  • Discover and understand negative assumptions and how they limit you
  • Release what doesn’t serve and better determine what does
  • Make small and large shifts in perception, thinking and attitude
  • Experience profound and life changing, “Ah-ha moments.”
  • Gain profound clarity, focus and a map of how to wisely move forward
  • Develop greater acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion
  • Overall, experience a greater sense of well being, fulfillment and satisfaction
Why do you work over the phone instead of in person?

In Marianne’s 25 plus years of doing this work in various capacities, she found working over the phone to be far superior to in person sessions.  This is because in the privacy of one’s own home, there is solitude and usually more comfort. A familiar environment encourages relaxation and openness, qualities necessary for deep transformation. In addition, there is no rushing to an appointment, fighting traffic or being in someone else’s environment while being vulnerable.  Furthermore, it provides me the ability to work with distant clients, nationally and internationally.

Is there as much connection over the phone as there is in person?
Absolutely!  A genuine connection is due to the quality of presence available and not the physical location of people. In fact, most clients say there is actually more connection over the phone.  This is because the client and the coach are connecting genuinely, in the now, voice to voice, with no visible distractions.  This allows clients to focus and go deep within themselves in order to find their own answers rapidly.  It is the process of going within that is the foundation for transformation and this inner process is best achieved in one’s own safe, quiet environment.
What should clients expect?
Initially, clients will schedule a 30 to 45 minute free consultation.  During this time, we determine if we are the proper fit and if so, discuss goals and intentions, agreements and the Reflective Questioning® process itself.  After this, we move forward with a specific program that meets the individual needs of that client.  Please see the Investment page under “Coaching Services” for more details or Schedule here for your free consultation.

Introductory Rate

$20 off your first 60 minute massage, or $30 off your first 90 minute massage!

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