Confidential Coaching Form – Updates

Welcome Back! Please read and answer the following as honestly as you can. As always, your information will remain private and secure. Please refer to my privacy policy and code of ethics for additional information.

    Please Read Carefully*
    I am not a therapist, psychologist, nor counselor who provides therapeutic or curative measures or solutions to your problems. Rather, I am a career, life and leadership coach. My objective is to help you change the self-limiting habits that interfere with your ability to achieve the results you want. I will partner with you to provide perspective, create focus, clarify intentions, motivate, and build accountability through empowerment. Reflective Questioning® (RQ) and other client-focused techniques will be used to assist you to fulfill your objectives and excel dramatically toward improving your performance, livelihood, and quality of life. Do you understand and are you comfortable with this?